LK073 - Tared fibreglass filter (5°C)


Products intended for Outdoor Air (AIA) sampling.

This product must be stored in the refrigerator at +5°C after sampling.

Sampling matrix


Supplying of a 3 part cassette containing a pre-weighed fibreglass filter for analysis of vulcanisation vapours.

Warning : this support is not suitable for analysing dust in Outdoor Air.

The sample must be taken with the cassette open with a flow of 2L/min (Volume 480-960L).

Product Details

Data sheet

Outdoor Air (AIA)
37mm 2-part cassette
Filter type
37mm fibreglass
Preservation before sampling
at +5 +/-3°C in the refrigerator and protected from light, from any form of external contamination and respecting the expiration date of the sampling media
Preservation after sampling
at +5 +/-3°C in the refrigerator and protected from light
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