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Reference: N809A


N809A - Kit PFAS OTM-45 conditioning in resin holder (Filter Quartz 50mm)

Kit for sampling PFAS OTM-45 in Emission Air (AIE) This kit contains : - 2 resin holders (belonging to the customer) with 35g of marked resin - Ref. Eurofins N8094 - 3 125mL HDPE bottles - Ref. Eurofins N8097 - 1 250mL HDPE bottle - Ref. Eurofins N8098 - 1 1L HDPE bottle - Ref. Eurofins N80BQ - 1 1L ultrapure water solution - Ref. Eurofins N8096 - 1...

Reference: N806Q


N806Q - Short-term 1L Canister Kit (Leasing)

Products intended for Soil Gas (GDS) and Outdoor Air (AIA) sampling.This kit contains: - 1 1L Canister (100% certified) - Ref. Eurofins LS70F- 1 EATL Flow Controller - Ref. Eurofins LS70i- 1 Stainless steel fitting - Ref. Eurofins LSBKi- 1 Pink ferrule and knurled nut - Ref. Eurofins LSDVC- 1 Teflon tube (2m) - Ref. Eurofins LS4AY IMPORTANT : The sample...

Reference: N804B


N804B - Educational Class'Air CO2 Sensor

Tool to measure the quality of indoor air: real time monitoring of CO2 rates, temperature, humidity and pressure. The Class'Air sensor is referenced in: - The 2015 Practical Guide published by the French Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition- The updated ADEME Ecolair Guide- The booklet entitled "Un bon air dans mon école" (clean air in my...

Reference: FH1MP


FH1MP - Radiello® 165 (-18°C)

Products intended for Indoor Air (QAI) samples. IMPORTANT : This product must be kept in the freezer at -18°C before sampling. It is recommended to take the cartridges out of the freezer and keep them in the refrigerator for a few days before sampling.
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