I. General information: Data protection

This information relating to the processing of personal data is intended for CUSTOMERS of Eurofins Analyses de l’Air who place orders on MySupportAir and whose personal data is collected and used by Eurofins Analyses de l'Air, SAS, entered in the trade and companies’ register of SAVERNE under n°844 919 993 as data controller or its subcontractors, who are bound by the same obligations, for the processing of orders placed via MySupportAir.

Eurofins Analyses de l'Air may be required for this purpose to process data associated with CUSTOMER accounts following acceptance of the Quote by the latter and a request to create a CUSTOMER account on MySupportAir.

Eurofins Analyses de l’Air undertakes to ensure that the collection and processing of personal data comply with the French Data Protection Act (Law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computing, files and freedoms) and the General Data Protection Regulations, known as “GDPR” (Regulation n°2016/679).

1. Categories of personal data collected

Eurofins Analyses de l'Air may be required to collect the following data in order to execute Orders and/or after obtaining consent:

  • Data relating to identity (first names, surnames, civil status, date of birth);
  • Encrypted logins and passwords used to connect to the MySupportAir CUSTOMER account;
  • Personal details (postal address, email address, telephone number);
  • Searches and Order history on MySupportAir ;
  • Any information associated with the CUSTOMER’S experience;
  • Choices relating to marketing activities;
  • Any information which the CUSTOMER has brought to the attention of Eurofins Analyses de l’Air.

It is also possible to find all the personal data collected on MySupportAir in the CUSTOMER’S personal account under “my personal data” or at the following address:https://mysupportair.env.eurofins.fr/module/psgdpr/gdpr.

2. Purpose of data collection

Personal data is processed by Eurofins Analyses de l'Air in order to:

  • Create and manage CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS
  • Manage, monitor and process orders placed on MySupportAir
  • Improve MySupportAir and the listed products according to CUSTOMER experience
  • Personalise CUSTOMER experience on MySupportAir

The personal data collected in the context of orders placed on MySupportAir must be entered, as this information is required for the provision of the services and the establishment of invoices.

It is also important for CUSTOMERS to notify Eurofins Analyses de l’Air immediately of any significant changes concerning them (address, name, telephone number, etc.).

3. Data retention period

The data collected by Eurofins Analyses de l'Air shall be retained from your last connection to MySupportAir. The retention period is indicated below depending on the type of data concerned:

  • CUSTOMER account data: Data retained throughout the entire duration of the CUSTOMER account which is stored for 5 years after the deletion of the account.
  • Prospecting data: retained for 3 years from the last contact made by the CUSTOMER.

4. Data recipients

The recipients of personal data are Eurofins Analyse de l’Air as the data controller and its subcontractors, as well as individuals who are required to process data on account of their position.

5. Transfers outside EU

Personal data may be transferred outside the EU if one of the recipients referred to above is located outside the EU, and only to countries for which:

  • The European Commission has issued an adequacy decision (which guarantees that the country in question will offer an adequate level of protection for personal data);
  • The CUSTOMER has granted a specific agreement;
  • Appropriate guarantees have been provided, such as standard data protection clauses.

6. CUSTOMER contacts and rights

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) of 23 May 2018, CUSTOMERS shall have the right to access, transfer and correct information which concerns them. CUSTOMERS may exercise these rights using the contact details provided below. CUSTOMERS also have the right to oppose and delete their data.

For any information or requests relating to the above-mentioned rights or the processing of your personal data, please contact Eurofins Analyses de l’Air at the following address:EAA_RGPD@eurofins.com.

If these rights are not respected, the CUSTOMER also has the option of issuing a compliant with the authorities in charge of data protection, a list of which can be obtained via the following link:http://ec.europa.eu/newsroom/article29/item-detail.cfm?item_id=612080


II. Policy relating to cookies

1. Information on the guarantor of your data confidentiality

This notice defines the bases on to which all the data collected by MySupportAir by means of monitoring technology (cookies) is processed by Eurofins Analyses de l’Air, provides information on cookies and explains the reasons behind their use.

This information is intended to provide an understanding of what cookies are and the role that they play when visiting MySupportAir.

2. Data collection

Eurofins Analyses de l’Air collects the above-mentioned information using cookies on MySupportAir. The data is collected when CUSTOMERS use or consult MySupportAir. Some of this information is automatically collected by cookies and stored in the server's log files. Eurofins Analyses de l’Air also uses different technologies to determine the location, including IP addresses.

2.1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text tile which a website downloads on the CUSTOMER’S computer or mobile device when the site is visited. This enables the website to remember the CUSTOMER’S actions and preferences (such as connection, language or font size preferences) for a certain time so that the CUSTOMER does not have to re-enter their information each time they visit the site or when they navigate between pages.

There are several different types of cookie. As indicated below, certain cookies extend the functionalities of MySupportAir and improve the site experience, whilst others are vital for its smooth running as the site cannot function without them.

2.2 Which cookies are used by MySupportAir, for what purpose and for how long are they kept?

Indispensable cookies: these cookies are essential in order to browse a website and to use its functionalities, for example to access secure areas. Without these cookies the services requested by users, such as the shopping basket, cannot be provided. Indispensable cookies are used to store a unique login which is used to manage and identify all the users who consult the website at the same time in order to provide a consistent, precise service.

These cookies activate the services which have been specifically requested by the website users.

They are internal cookies which are created by the Internet server of the page visited. They are persistent and remain effective after 12 months.

Performance cookies: these cookies collect information concerning users, such as page loading speed, Internet connection speed, browser type, device type, screen size, etc. in order to assess the performance of a website so that it can be improved. The information is immediately anonymised once it has been collected. These cookies are divided into:

  • Session cookies, which are deleted when the user closes the browser;
  • Persistent cookies, which remain on the user's computer or device for a period of time determined in advance (which cannot exceed 13 months).

Functionality cookies: these cookies automatically remember the previous choices made by the users in order to improve their experience, such as language parameters for example. These cookies are also used to prevent a service from being proposed again to a user who previously refused it. These persistent cookies are retained for a period of no more than 12 months.

They are internal cookies which are established by the Internet server of the page visited and share the same domain.

All cookies are only used for the purposes outlined above and in order to improve the services for all visitors and CUSTOMERS of MySupportAir.

3. Categories of personal data collected by using cookies

The information collected using cookies includes:

  • Identity (such as the IP address);
  • Information on the computer or mobile device, such as browser type and language, date and time of referring URL request;
  • Preferences such as language parameters, website notification or alerts;
  • Connection location;
  • Content consulted on the pages visited;
  • Search requests made using the MySupportAir search tool.

4. Controlling cookies

CUSTOMERS may delete all the cookies already present on their computer whenever they wish and can configure their browser to refuse them. CUSTOMERS may need to adjust certain preferences manually if necessary each time they consult the website. In addition, the refusal of certain cookies may cause certain services and functionalities to malfunction.

5. Legal basis and foundations for the collection of personal data

Eurofins Analyses de l’Air is dependent on the consent of its CUSTOMERS in order to process data using cookies. It is possible to revoke consent in part or in full at any time by adjusting preferences via the browser.

Pour poursuivre votre navigation sur ce site, vous devez accepter l'utilisation et l'enregistrement de cookies sur votre appareil connecté. Ces cookies permettent de suivre votre navigation, actualiser votre panier, vous reconnaitre lors de votre prochaine visite et sécuriser votre connexion. Plus d'informations