FHL4X - Silica gel cartridge + DNPH (5°C)


Products intended for samples of Emission Air (AIE), Workplace Air (AIT) and Outdoor Air (AIA).

This product must be kept in the refrigerator at +5°C before sampling.

Reference SUPELCO: 21014

Sampling matrix


Supplying of a tube of silica gel impregnated with DNPH for analysis of Aldehydes.

IMPORTANT : We recommend that you contact your Analytical Service Manager and/or your Account Manager in advance if you have any questions concerning the choice of your sampling product.

Product Details

Data sheet

Workplace Air (AIT), Emission Air (AIE) and Outdoor Air (AIA)
Polypropylene cartridge
Adsorbent type
Silica gel impregnated with 2.4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH) (350mg)
Number of sections
Length 74mm
Preservation before sampling
at +5 +/-3°C in the refrigerator and protected from light, from any form of external contamination and respecting the expiration date of the sampling media
Preservation after sampling
at +5 +/-3°C in the refrigerator and protected from light (2 days maximum tolerated at room temperature)
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